November 2020

Monday, November 9, 2020

My Growing ThinkTank Collection

I have a bunch of saved searches on eBay looking for interesting things. One of those things is "Living Videotext". Today my latest addition, a copy of ThinkTank 128 arrived. Still need ThinkTank 512, Ready, and MORE. #

My ThinkTank Collection #

Later that year we released our first Mac product. It was called ThinkTank 128. It was a completely new codebase, based on a new simpler data structure. I hoped to get a fresh start, with a completely memory-based product. It would be fast, and eventually support more features because the new foundation was cleaner and simpler. However this had the unfortunate side-effect that it appeared to users as if we had removed features from the product. Because ThinkTank 128, which was only available on the Mac, came after [ThinkTank for the Apple II] and [ThinkTank for the IBM PC], it was called ThinkTank and it had less features than the previous releases. #

Dave Winer #

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Self-Hosted Web-Crawler and Search Engine

I’d like to do some research into what options there are in this area. I know Dave has had issues with not finding things on his blog using Google or Duck Duck Go. #

Playing with Roam Research has shown how useful it would be if there was a comprehensive search engine of Dave’s writing. Not just what Google deems important. Maybe something where Dave could manually put extra weight on key pages. #

Also it would be useful because Dave has writing on several domains. It would be cool to have a single search engine that searched all his sites. #

Examples:,, #

I wonder if Dave has an archive of #

Monday, November 2, 2020

Developing better developers

Just read Developing better developers it sounds like a great idea. I think a similar idea could also be bootstrapped outside of universities. Something that combines an open-source project with a meetup group. Senior devs can teach and work with the junior devs for the benefit of the project. #

I was involved with starting something like this with the Pivot Libre project. A friend who was very into politics and had been an alderman in the past had an idea to create an open-source project for ranked pair elections. It was good. We had a bunch of people, some technical, many not. We all got together and even though I left the project because I didn’t have the time to commit, it’s still going. It sounds like it’s even been used in a few smaller elections. #

Philosophy in re RSS 2.0

This morning I read Philosophy in re RSS 2.0 #

My favorite quote was from Sean Gallagher “I mean, here we are, a country on the edge of being dragged into a war by some whack-job Texan with the IQ of a Post-It Note ™, and people are badgering each other over RDF?” #

I know enough about RSS history and other standards wars that it’s not surprising, however I don’t understand what’s going on in peoples heads. If people are already using something, don’t break them! It seems very obvious and simple. #

It’s like Apple dropping 32-bit support from Catalina. Why? Apple is sitting on a mountain of cash. They can’t hire a few developers to make sure 32-bit apps keep running? #

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