My Growing ThinkTank Collection

I have a bunch of saved searches on eBay looking for interesting things. One of those things is "Living Videotext". Today my latest addition, a copy of ThinkTank 128 arrived. Still need ThinkTank 512, Ready, and MORE.

My ThinkTank Collection

Dave Winer #

Later that year we released our first Mac product. It was called ThinkTank 128. It was a completely new codebase, based on a new simpler data structure. I hoped to get a fresh start, with a completely memory-based product. It would be fast, and eventually support more features because the new foundation was cleaner and simpler. However this had the unfortunate side-effect that it appeared to users as if we had removed features from the product. Because ThinkTank 128, which was only available on the Mac, came after [ThinkTank for the Apple II] and [ThinkTank for the IBM PC], it was called ThinkTank and it had less features than the previous releases.