What I’m doing now

Health and Burnout #

A lot is going on in my life that is burning me out. For instance, I know that my house in its unfinished state is wearing me down, making it less likely that I'll be able to work on my house.

Work is going smoothly and is not particularly stressful, but sometimes it's a real struggle.

I'm sure my health contributes to the burnout, but nothing I've tried so far has moved the needle. I'm waiting on a CPAP machine since I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I'm hoping that will turn things around.

Mom's Autobiography #

A couple of years ago, for Christmas, I bought my mom a subscription to StoryWorth. It's a service that sent her a question to answer about herself every week for a year.

Unfortunately, I still need to publish the book (and website) because my mother is not the best writer, and I'm going through each post and cleaning it up to make it readable.

It's not particularly difficult, but it is time-consuming. I hope to wrap up the website portion by Mother's Day, but since that's right around the corner, I'm not holding my breath.

Updated May 3, 2023