What I'm doing now

Federated Wiki #

I’ve started attending the weekly Federated Wiki Video Chats. I’ve set up my own fedwiki farm and released an experiment to navigate a federated wiki via a series of linked OPML files. #

I’m convinced that Dave Winer’s vision of outlines (and the World Outline idea) and Ward Cunningham’s vision of federated wikis are lenses viewing parts of the same thing. #

rssCloud Server #

I’m working on an upgrade to the rssCloud server I launched back in 2015. I’ve come a long way in my Node.js development skills, and Node has changed a lot as well. The new release makes sure the server will target Node 14 LTS for future compatibility. #

I’ve rewritten the code to use async/await instead of callbacks to improve readability. #

With Dave rebooting XML-RPC, I’ve decided to add support for that protocol. It was supported in the OPML editor version but wasn’t a priority when I created my server initially. #

I’ve released version 2.0 and it is now what powers rpc.rsscloud.io. #

If you’re interested you can watch the rssCloud Server GitHub repository. #

Dubious Cat Facts #

My coworkers and I are bulding a site Dubious Cat Facts. I was going to build it in Gatsby, but since I want it to be somewhat random on the homepage I’m just going to hack something together. It uses Airtable as the data source. #

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