Validate Your Lead Metrics

Yesterday, I talked about the difference between lead and lag metrics and why they are essential parts of your goal-setting funnel.

Today, I will discuss making sure your lead metrics lead to your lag metrics using validated learning.

Applying Validated Learning to Tour Goal Funnel #

  1. Define a goal with a measurable metric (lag metric)
  2. Think of an action you can do regularly that should lead to progress toward your lag metric (lead metric)
  3. Act on your lead metric for a set period (2-12 weeks)
  4. Analyze your results
  5. Reevaluate your lag metric

What's happening here is you're applying the scientific method to your goal setting and achievement process.

What to Look for During This Process #

  1. Were you successful in completing your lead metric? For example, if you said that you're going to call 20 leads every day, and you called ten leads a week, you need to identify why this failed. Was it unrealistic? Were there other things that interfered with achieving your goal, like getting sick or another emergency?
  2. If you were unsuccessful in completing your lead metrics, is there something you can do differently the next time around to be more successful? For example, do you need to schedule a time to work on it? Do you need to go someplace different (coffee shop or library) so you can focus and do the work?
  3. If you were successful, is there evidence that achieving this lead metric progresses toward the lag metric?
  4. If it made little or no progress toward the lag metric, why? Is it the wrong lead metric? Did you not do it for a long enough time? Are there other things that would produce more progress?
  5. Are there any resources (people, books, courses, etc.) that could give you external feedback on why this failed or what you should be doing instead?