Understanding ActivityPub

ActivityPub is the underlying protocol that powers social networks like Mastodon, PeerTube, and Pixelfed. It's intended to define a standard way different applications and networks can communicate.

I am interested in understanding the protocol to find new exciting uses for these networks. What can I build that would leverage the existing communities and user base?

As I go along, I plan to learn in public and write articles about the different aspects, concepts, and uses of ActivityPub and its related technology.

Some articles will be little more than notes I take as I read and experiment. Others will be attempts to explain to a specific audience. For instance, I plan to have a capstone project that is a document to help application developers get a foothold in what's possible and the first steps to hello world.

This page serves as an index for my ActivityPub-related articles.

Updated December 12, 2022