That's All Folks

Today is the last day of my Ship 30 for 30 cohort.

When I started on October 9th, I said that success would simply be posting 30 items I'm proud of, so it was certainly a success.

It started pretty easy, and I had a lot of notes that I could draw from. Notes from books I've read, courses I've taken, as well as a lot of life experience. The last two weeks were a bit more difficult.

I've met some interesting people through this program, and I still have a lot of content to go through that I hadn't gotten to when my number one priority was writing every day.

I'm planning on taking a break now. Although the daily writing hasn't been too difficult, I have felt like I'm running out of things to say. So I want to reflect on the last 30 days, go through the materials in the course, especially around idea generation, and decide what I'll want to do moving forward.

There is a possibility I'll niche down and try focusing on productivity for developers. This might provide me with more ideas than writing for a general audience.

The next two months will be busy. I'm closing on my house on November 16th and will be doing a lot of renovations to make it move-in ready. In addition, I'm in the running for a leadership position at work which will probably include additional training, including training for becoming a Scrum coach.

I'm glad I did the Ship 30 for 30 challenge. I've signed up for the Master Ship, a community of Ship 30 alumni that includes additional training about writing and publishing in different channels.