PHP Works 2006

The conference this year was a lot of fun. I found the talks to be weaker then I remember from previous years. Perhaps I chose poorly. Two of the best talks I attended were "The State of AOP in PHP" by Sebastian Bergmann and "Organizing Your Projects" by Paul M. Jones.

"The State of AOP in PHP" was really cool because I wasn't particulary familiar with AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) and to get a rundown of what it is and how it might be used was really cool. It's like having triggers for object oriented programming.

"Organizing Your Projects" was cool. Perhaps I'm a bit biased because I'm a big fan of Paul M. Jones's projects Savant and Solar. But I though what he presented made so much sense and could help so many people. The one idea he really tried to drive home was to not pollute the global namespace. I've been trying to do this at work for a while (unfortunately not 100%) but when I created a filter class I named it CTG_Filter (CTG stands for Clarity Technology Group). Some areas he mentioned I never even thought of like session variables. Either way it was a great presentation.