My iPad Setup

This morning I read Peter Akkies Newsletter and he asks:

I’ve been spending way too much considering whether to buy one of those shiny new iPad Pros. If you own one, which screen size do you prefer?

Peter Akkies

I was going to respond via Twitter, but realized I had more than 280 characters to say.

I ordered the 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular 1TB and Apple pencil last year. It was a major upgrade from my first generation iPad Air.

My iPad Air was getting long in the tooth and had been mostly taken over by my daughter for playing Roblox and Minecraft and even those apps didn't run super well, they were crashing a lot.

I really wanted an iPad pro specifically for the pencil. When I bought my first iPad (a first gen) I immediately purchased several types of stylus because I knew that using it for writing would be a big deal.

The old "dumb" stylus never worked very well so I held out. When the first iPad pro and pencil came out I wasn't in a position to purchase one.

My first accessories for my new iPad pro were:

  1. Apple Pencil
  2. Paperlike screen protector
  3. Lamicall Tablet Stand
  4. tomtoc Tablet Shoulder Sleeve Bag