My Favorite Useful and Weird Book

Yesterday I mentioned one of my favorite books. It contains many practical and useful practices for helping your subconscious help you. The book is "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Now, I also mentioned that it's a weird book. If you're not familiar with Esther & Jerry Hicks, the gist is Esther channels a non-physical consciousness that they call Abraham, and Abraham (through Esther) teaches about how the universe works and how to align with source energy to live your best life.

However, you don't need to believe any of this to find the book incredibly useful. The second half of the book is a list of 22 processes to align with source energy, which also just happen to be really great methods for changing your mood and programming your subconscious to work in your favor.

My favorite practices from Ask and It Is Given #

Rampage of Appreciation: During your day, like when you're driving or standing in line, look around and notice something that pleases you. Notice the positive feeling and try to focus on the thing and feeling as long as possible. Move onto something else.

The Wallet Process: Get a $100 bill and put it in your wallet. During your day think about the $100 bill in your wallet and notice all the things that you could spend that $100 on if you wanted to. Your goal is to signal to your subconscious that money is abundant.

The Focus Wheel: Draw a big circle with a little circle inside it (a donut). In the small circle write down something that you'd like to feel better about. Then clockwise around the circle write statements that match how you want to feel that you already believe are true. It just has to be a true and positive statement. By the time you get around the circle you should feel better.

I once did this for a job I was miserable at. One of the items I wrote down was "There is free coffee." You got to start somewhere.