Margin Helps You Live Life

Today my essay is a little later in the day. There are a lot of things going on right now. I have an accepted offer on a house I'm buying and my daughter is sick with a stomach bug.

This stuff is part of life and therefore needs to be a part of productivity. This is why leaving margin in your life ( is so important. If my days were booked solid with projects and deadlines I'd be freaking out right now. But I'm not.

I find that I'm actually way more productive when I aim to do less. There are times in my life when I have a lot on my plate and productivity grinds to a halt. It's like being on the highway during rush hour. If there is no space between the cars, nobody is going anywhere.

It helps to have priorities. I know my daughter is my top priority, so it's easy to shuffle things around when she needs me.

I also know that there are certain things that need to be done to keep the home buying moving. I've already submitted all my paperwork to the mortgage broker and we're scheduling a home inspection.

This house will be a fixer-upper so I know that I shouldn't sign myself up for any major commitments for at least the next four months. I'm leaving myself margin so I can get the home repairs done and not stress out.

I'll prioritize the projects and determine what can be broken up into smaller parts. For instance, there is one nasty bathroom in the house. I'll probably demolish it right away when I'm ripping out all the smelly carpet. This way I hopefully won't need to get a dumpster multiple times, and I can be confident that the bathroom isn't hiding any surprise mold.