Goal Setting for Developers

I’ll be writing more about this soon, but in the meantime here are the steps I follow for goal setting. #

Steps #

  1. Write out a list of key areas/roles/aspects (ex: career, environment, family, finances, etc) #
  2. Journal under each describing what that area ideally looks like in 5 years. (add more areas/roles/aspects as they come to mind) #
  3. Read through journal entries looking for two types of goals, open-ended objectives (be a good dad) and tangible results (buy a new car). #
  4. Organize these into a hierarchy area > objectives (why) > results (how) and start to fill in any gaps #
    1. Uncover objectives - Why do I want to achieve this result? #
    2. Uncover results - How can I achieve this objective? #
  5. Brainstorm projects & habits that will help you achieve your results. Ideally, they lead to achieving multiple results or make achieving other results easier. #
    1. Forming a new habit can be considered a project. #
  6. Pick a project to plan: #
    1. Can it be broken down into smaller projects? #
    2. What steps need to be completed? #
    3. What steps can be postponed to a later project? #
    4. Who can you reach out to for help/support/advice? #
    5. What obstacles might prevent success? #
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