Bait, Cast, Catch: Fishing Strategies for Life Success

I recently watched a video from Tom Segura about his 11-year-old nephew fishing. It must have left an impression on me because this morning, while lying in bed, I realized that although I'm no fisherman, fishing can be a metaphor for success in life. I can't believe I'm writing about fishing.

1. You Need a Line in the Water #

If you want to catch fish, you need a line in the water. I suspect there are other ways to catch fish, like using a net, but the principle is you have to take action. It's the same as "You can't hit the ball if you don't swing the bat." You need to try things if you want to succeed.

2. You Have to Use the Right Bait #

I'm playing this game Wylde Flowers, and you can use different types of bait. Certain types of fish can't be caught with a worm; you need a cricket or a chub. Like in the Segura video, the kid said, "We'll get a good catfish with this," you need to use the right strategies to achieve your goals.

3. You Can't Catch Fish in a Dry Pond #

If you want to catch fish, you need to go to a place with fish. Even though it's more convenient, you won't catch fish in your bathtub. You're also not going to make a pile of money if you're sitting around watching TV all day. It would help if you were in the right environment to find opportunities.

4. More Lines Mean More Catches #

The few times I've gone fishing, I've been out on a boat, holding a rod and hoping for a catch. In the Segura video, the kid has a bunch of lines out, and he checks on them several times a day. The kid has better odds of catching a fish. In life, you need to have many "lines" out there because it increases your odds of success.

5. You Don't Know What You'll Catch #

Like the 11-year-old nephew, you might catch a Bluegill, a Catfish, or something unexpected like a Copperhead. You need to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. The kid handled each catch appropriately. When he got the Bluegill, he chopped it up for bait. When he caught the Copperhead, he cut the line and trapped it in a cooler.

6. You Can Always Throw it Back #

At the end of the story, the nephew gets a giant catfish and decides to release it. In life, you can achieve success and still choose to change direction. I got a good job in Silicon Valley, but after being out there for a year, I decided it wasn't what I wanted and moved back to Wisconsin.

I didn't expect to wake up this morning feeling the need to write about fishing, but it's still an interesting metaphor. For myself, the idea of more lines really resonated.