Feeling School Nostalgia

My daughter started 4K back in September. This school year is her first year going to elementary school. When I'm visiting her classroom for conferences and such, I'm overwhelmed by feelings of nostalgia.

The classrooms, although not 100% like what I remember, have things like the alphabet cards hanging on the wall. I suspect when she gets older, there will be desks and whiteboards. I suspect they no longer use overhead projectors, but who knows.

I was typically a good student and had my share of issues with friends and bullies, but generally, I liked school. I remember back to school shopping and the smell of my new backpack with all my supplies.

I miss school in general. I took a class as an adult at Madison College, and when I walked into the Truax campus, I felt that back to school rush.

It sucks that teachers get paid as little as they do. I think I'd enjoy being a teacher, but there's no way I could afford the pay cut.

I hope that as the years go by, I'll continue to be able to live vicariously through my daughter.