Digital Decentralism

I've been very interested in thinking of clever ways to help myself and other people avoid digital sharecropping. Especially with the recent hoopla around SOPA.

The problem I have with the term Digital Sharecropper is that it represents the negative behavior. We talk about how Facebook and Twitter is turning us into digital sharecroppers but what is the alternative?

Obviously the desired behavior is for people to own their own content and their method for distribution, but what do we call it?

I nominate the term "Digital Decentralism" to be the antonym of "Digital Sharecropping" and therefore "Digital Decentralist" will be the antonym of "Digital Sharecropper".

It has a nice alliteration going for it, it contains digital to show it's relationship to digital sharecropping. Not to mention decentralization is a key part of the solution to SOPA style policies.

What do you think? Does digital decentralism capture the essence of what we're trying to accomplish? Is it sexy enough? Can you think of something better? I think this is going to be a big issue in 2012. We need to get a term to rally behind.