Apple and the future of TV

I just came across Dave Winer's post Samsung is wrong about TV which is a response to the earlier TechCrunch article Samsung Not Worried About Apple’s TV: "TVs are ultimately about picture quality".

Now I'm actually with TechCrunch on this one that when it comes to TV content is king. Dave thinks the #1 most important thing is communication.

Because nowadays while I'm watching TV, I want to look stuff up on the web, communicate about the experience on the net with people I communicate with. And see what they're saying. And who knows what else in the years to come.

I agree with him that turning the TV into a two-way medium is going to become more and more important as time goes by, but I don't think this is how Apple is going to win.

I think the way Apple is going to win is by coming out with an AppleTV App Store. They haven't done it yet because so far the AppleTV is a hobby for them. They are waiting for the right moment, when the public is ready for what they have to offer. This may very well come at the same time as their own TV (as opposed to the current AppleTV set top box). Roku already has this sort of functionality in their channel store. Apple could take this concept into a TV set and make it super easy for people to buy apps for their TV. If they want TWiT, Crunchyroll or WSJ Live they just install an app. Obviously if it's premium content Apple will take their 30%.

This is how Apple will dominate the TV market. By leading with content, making a killing with TV apps and probably down the road make it more social.