Andrew Shell Headshot 1

Today I created my first NFT. I'm not really sure how useful it is, but what the heck.

The general idea is that it's in my best interest to become knowledgeable about blockchain and related tech because there are starting to be some interesting use cases and I'm better off being primed to act on any new opportunities.

I've purchased a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet and created an NFT on OpenSea of my headshot.

I then transferred it to my wallet and linked my wallet to Twitter (had to get Twitter Blue).

Then I was able to select my headshot as my profile picture and it looks the same before except instead of being in a circle, it's a rounded hex shape. When you click on it it shows some extra metadata.

I've also signed up for the Blockchain Developer Bootcamp because I figure it will get me up to speed on everything I need to know.

Andrew Shell's Headshot