Aligning with Success

Yesterday, I discussed how to leverage your subconscious mind (see 5 Ways to Leverage Your Subconscious Mind). Today, I want to give special attention to one aspect of the subconscious.

I had mentioned how your subconscious uses strong emotion to prioritize work. I also mentioned how your subconscious will alert you to things in your environment that it identifies as important.

This is one of the things that powers "The Law of Attraction." The idea behind the law of attraction is that you attract in your life that which you focus on the most. Your brain doesn't differentiate between wanting and not wanting, so if you're focused on your lack of money, your mind will continue to reinforce not having money.

In the world of relationships, the same thing happens with "the ick." You have someone that you're attracted to, and they do something that you don't like. You fixate on the thing that you don't like and soon you start to notice other things you don't like. Before long, you have no idea what you ever saw in this person and you end the relationship.

The other aspect of this is not only how you perceive the world around you and what you notice, but how you show up and behave.

If you're focused on how you don't have any money, you'll behave as if money is hard to come by and that you need to hold on to every penny you earn. Your subconscious will literally filter out anything that would contradict this belief. You may have all sorts of opportunities presented in front of you, but you won't consider them, or even notice them if you're in a scarcity mindset.

You could improve your earning potential by learning a new skill, but ignore those opportunities because you think they cost too much. You could be overworking because you're afraid of losing your job and not notice all the opportunities to impress management which could lead to a promotion.

Tomorrow, I'm going to dig into one of my favorite books that although is kind of weird, has some of the most useful, practical advice I've seen on programming your mind for success.