5 Ways to Leverage Your Subconscious Mind

Do you ever have a problem that no matter how hard you work at, you just can't figure it out? My inclination has been to power through, trying one thing after another until I figure it out, but usually, that leads to resistance and frustration. I've found another way that more often than not helps me solve my problems quickly and with less resistance.

I let my subconscious mind solve it #

Your subconscious mind is your research assistant that digs through the deep archives of your memory, processes and files your notes, highlights key information, and delivers reports with the most important information to your consciousness.

Here's how to help your subconscious mind help you: #

  1. You have to be very clear about what you're looking for. Your subconscious is a lot like a genie, where you may very well get what you asked for, but not what you wanted.
  2. It helps to have strong emotions tied to acquiring the answer. Your subconscious prioritizes work by emotion. If you're obsessed with finding an answer, your subconscious will be working overtime.
  3. Give your subconscious the raw materials to work with. Being curious and studying a wide variety of topics is the best long-term strategy. Useful first-hand experiences are particularly great, like failed attempts at solving the problem.
  4. Sleep is necessary for your brain to move things from short-term to long-term memory. It also frees up mental energy because it's not processing all the new incoming information. It's helpful to alternate short naps with intense study sessions to maximize effectiveness.
  5. Follow your intuition. Your subconscious deals with all your memories and feelings and frequently communicates with you in non-verbal ways. If your subconscious knows that something is important, it will alert you to things in your environment that it things are significant.