Running PagePark on Glitch

Initial Setup #

  1. Signup or Login to at #
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page that says “Manage Your Projects” and in the box that says “Import from Github” paste (without quotes) “” and click “Let’s go.” #
  3. It will show a screen "Loading Project", it can take a minute or so to get loaded. #
  4. After loading you’ll see a screen with a list of files & directories down the left side. If you click on “Show” in the header then “In New Window” you’ll see a new window come up that says “The file was not found.” This is because you haven’t configured this domain yet. Take note of the domain you’ve been assigned. #

Configure Domain #

  1. Going back to the prior window, take note of the list of files. This is incomplete. On startup, PagePark creates a config.json file and a domains folder. #
    • For whatever reason Glitch does not refresh the listing and show these files. If you leave Glitch and come back in a few minutes the cache will have expired and you’ll get an updated listing. #
    • However, you can still configure your new domain. #
  2. Click “New File” and type in (without quotes) “domains/” replacing “” with whatever the domain Glitch assigned you, then click “Add This File.” #
  3. Type something in the right pane like “# Welcome!” then go back to the tab with your domain in it and it should now say “Welcome” on the screen. #
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