Monday, January 25, 2021

I’m going through an exercise by Dr. John DeMartini called The Value Determination Process. In the first part, you list the top three things for 13 different questions. Examples of questions are how do you fill your space, how do you spend your time, how do you spend your money, etc. Then today I listen to a podcast with Derek Sivers and he talks about paying attention to and following what you do when you’re playing hooky. Another example of serendipity. #

But, let’s get to the real core question, which to me, is what do you do when you want to play hooky? Playing hooky is American slang. Playing hooky means you blow off work or school to go do whatever you want that day. #

I found that throughout my life, the best things I ever did were when I was playing hooky, not when I was supposed to be doing my “real work”. I was fascinated with something else instead. Something more fun and interesting. #

If you follow the more fun and interesting thing, it’ll probably turn into something as good or better for work. #

Derek Sivers #

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