Saturday, January 9, 2021

I’ve followed Justin Jackson since 2015 and I’m in his MegaMaker Club. It’s cool to see him featured in SaaS Magazine. #

The perfect wave, or SaaS product, doesn’t strike you by coincidence or pure luck, it comes with the aforementioned patience and observation. “And it could be adjacent to what you thought you were going to do,” Jackson elaborates. “For example, I thought that I was going to make online courses forever, and the truth was that there was an opportunity adjacent to that in podcasting. I had been in “podcasting waters” since 2012, and for a while, there were no true opportunities, but in 2017, I began to notice a shift in the water.” This shift, for Jackson, was the idea for, a podcast publishing platform. #

Riding the Wave: Justin Jackson on His Startup Journey and Finding Market Fit #

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