Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Dorian Taylor is grudgingly getting on the newsletter bandwagon. “This is not the same as just letting them sniff your digital offgassing.” #

You’re only as good as your worst day. Not because what you do the rest of the time doesn’t matter. Not because you should be expected to be perfect under immense stress or to behave according to plan when everything goes awry. But because what you do on your worst day is impossible to fake. #

I spend a lot of time thinking about goal setting. Many sources undoubtedly inspire it, but here is the first draft of my process. #

Back in September, I joined Building a Second Brain (BASB) Cohort 11. It was a fascinating course, and its ideas shaped how I think about my website. Yesterday, Tiago Forte published his Second Brain Manifesto. It’s worth a read. #

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