Sunday, December 6, 2020

Writing in an outliner is frictionless. I type a blurb and hit publish, and it’s on my website in seconds. Very cool. #

I’m using a desktop outliner, and the piece I’m missing is Grammarly. It’s a significant crutch I use to make sure what I’m writing is legible. If I move to Little Outliner, I can probably get it working. Until then, I’ll just copy and paste between the two. #

I am continuing to hack on my new site. Dave said the about card on the homepage was dominating the page, and I agreed with him. I added lots of navigation links: previous, next, breadcrumbs, the whole nine yards. Still have to add a search engine. #

Fediverse of Federated Things

I’m pretty new to the idea of the Fediverse and Federation in general. I recently signed up for Mastodon to participate in the Podcast Index Community. #

Mastodon is built on top of a protocol ActivityPub, which seems pretty straightforward. #

I recently hopped on a Zoom call with Ward Cunningham, who has a group of people building Federated Wiki, but I haven’t dug in enough to find out what’s running under the hood. It would be cool if it were ActivityPub. I’m looking forward to learning more because Wiki has always had a place in my heart. #

There are also Federated Blogs. #

I’ve been following my intuition lately. I come across something interesting and follow the thread, leading me back to where I need to be. #

Donnie Darko Tunnels #

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