New Website

My website is now running on a new engine. It’s a custom engine heavily inspired/borrowed from the engine that builds #

The interesting thing about it isn’t really the engine that builds the website. What’s really cool is that all of the content I’m writing is done in an outliner. #

Back in October when I was Re-Thinking Blogs it started me down a path where I started using outliners on a daily basis. #

I had certainly tried working with outlines before, but something clicked this time and I found that on a status outline that I was using to communicate with Dave I was writing more than I ever did on my blog. #

It comes down to flow which is something that’s super important to Dave. #

It makes sense. In the past when I’ve used a static site generator to blog or journal, I rarely posted. When I switched back to WordPress I wrote more often. #

WordPress wasn’t even an ideal situation, but it was less friction to publish than when I was using Gatsby or Jekyll. #

We’ll see how this goes, but I’m feeling optimistic. This engine also allows for small notes that don’t have a title. #

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