Custom templates in pagePark

My next experiment is creating a custom template on pagePark for OPML files. I’ll have to see to what extent I can make this work. #

Things I’d like to change from the default template: #

  1. If I use “New note” functionality in Little Outliner (like this note), I’d like the Month & Day to be h2 & h3 headers and I’d like the titles of the items to be h4. #
  2. I’d like to have markdown support so whether it’s read in an outline or as a webpage it looks good. Right now in the outline, it looks messy especially when I’m using blockquotes. (see October 21). In markdown, I could just prefix the line with "> " #

I can see in the pagePark code that getOpmlTemplate first checks for config.opmlTemplatePath but that isn’t actually something I can define in config.json #

In order for this to work I’d need to: #

  1. Add opmlTemplatePath to pageparkPrefs #
  2. Comment out where it gets wiped out in gatherAttributes #
    • gatherAttributes seems to be something that parses variables with a hashmark in the path #
    • Not sure why that would be a location to overwrite the template since opmlTemplatePath is a local path #

I also tried putting urlDefaultOpmlTemplate in config.json since it’s already in pageparkPrefs but the code references pageparkPrefs.urlDefaultOpmlTemplate and not config.urlDefaultOpmlTemplate so it doesn’t work. #

Changing pageparkPrefs to config in getOpmlTemplate would probably be the least impactful change. It’s not a problem to reference the template by URL since it’s already in the domain bucket that’s being served. #

I should look into Persistent Apps because that would provide the most flexibility with what I’m trying to do. #

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